Maintenance & Service Charges



All scooters, skateboards, or skates purchased from ampro skates are exempt from service labour charges for the lifetime ownership of that product (except for grip tape installation or scooter wheel bearing replacement and therefore will only be charged for parts if replaced

 ampro skates is fortunate to have Australia’s most knowledgeable Technician with over 40 years experience so all work carried out is no hit and miss she will be right mate slap together repair job, nor has school-aged children controlling the workshop, whether its an old school or new release! in fact every single item that comes in to store will get a free safety check and is freely adjusted to correct torque settings according to manufacture guidelines and attended to by West Australia’s most and sort after semi-retired technician.

All custom builds either skates, scooters, or skateboards purchased from ampro skates are assembled 100% labour free!.

For any components not purchased from ampro skates the following labour charges will apply.

So if your scooter has been botched or if your skates are tired and worn we can help you to revive your roll.