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Pro Scooters

Pro scooters

Pro scooters? What is a pro scooter? The term pro scooter is widely used & most people believe this is what a professional (or sponsored) rider would use but unfortunately this is not often the case. A lot of retail advertising use the term loosely, to make you think you have something high end and suitable to take on the world championships. In fact, this is completely wrong and potentially unsafe, the term “stunt” or “pro” scooter is not a legal term and you should be looking closely at the scooter specifications before you buy.

Things to look for in a scooter made to take skate park punishment, which we at ampro skates call “park capable” include the following: 

  • A lightweight deck. The scooter needs to have a lightweight, yet strongly made deck.  Look for reinforcing within the deck combined with a hollow (or honeycomb) centre.
  • A strong headset. A lot of “supermarket” scooters can come with a bicycle bearing in the headset, but you should look for an “integrated” or at least a “sealed” bearing headset which are stronger.
  • Strong bars. The handlebars need to be of one-piece construction with no adjusting clamp.  Remember anything that moves or adjusts on a scooter is automatically weaker than a solid piece.
  • Wheels – should be of alloy construction with at least ABEC 7 sealed bearings, and a Polly urethane 86 a hardness wheel. Plastic wheels don’t last. and usually are only rated to 50 kg max.

Scooters with these basic components, usually start at a recommended retails price of around $200 AUD, and average around $450 AUD so price is a good indicator of quality.  Also look at recommended rider weights.  Manufacturers of park scooters recommend maximum rider weights of 100kg (220lbs), if the scooter you’re looking at recommends a lesser weight, then you need to look closely at why.

Remember, professional riders are usually sponsored by the big brands and they don’t have to pay for their scooter components & they are normally riding top of the line scooter worth many hundreds of dollars.

Hope this is of help to you if you are looking to buy a scooter.  We at ampro skates have over 40 years of technical experience and are always happy to answer any questions in-store.

Regards, – Ed


Pro scooters

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ampro skates Malaga Western Australia

Thank you for browsing the ampro skates website, what you are viewing is the first and only complete skate and scooter store established in Western Australia in November 2015, a non franchised family business with owners of 40 years of skating knowledge and of a fully qualified mechanical technician background, catering from amateur to pro skaters.

As ampro skates owners has been involved with retail for over 46 years we know what the consumer is looking for affordable quality products, even though we have access to many brands, such as

Claudius CV, Envy, Fasen, Ethic, Flavor, Globber, Bont, Micro, Riedell, 187, 888, S One, Trinity, Samurai, Protec, Fox, Sacrifice, Syndicate, Venice & District. every single product and part is carefully examined to be up to the standards we require before ampro skates accept and promotes those products.

This is why ampro skates do not carry mass merchant disposable toys found in supermarkets or variety stores. As being retail for so many years we at ampro skates knows how disappointing it is to purchase something than to return later to see that same item on sale, this is why no sales ever at ampro skates, just every day lowest possible prices,24/7 365 days per year.

Our approach at ampro skates Malaga is to combine our 40+ years of skating and technical mechanical experience and create a one-stop-shop that caters to both the amateur & professional skater, with our main focus on quality affordable family products, which is a lot more difficult task than one could imagine, trying to find quality products that is affordable yet not a throwaway disposable consumable.

ampro skates carries large stocks of kick scooters suitable from toddler age, right through to the pro rider.  Brands of complete scooters and parts we stock are Claudius CV, Envy, Fasen, Ethic, Flavor, Globber, Bont, Riedell, 187, 888, S One, Trinity, Samurai, Protec, Fox, Sacrifice, Syndicate, Venice & District. also stock a comprehensive stock of spare and replacement parts, headsets, hand grips, bearings, wheels, bars, decks, helmets & bolts.

As ampro skates have been involved in the WA Roller Derby community, and pro scooter riders, ampro skates stock the appropriate quad skates and protective gear.  We carry Powerslide, Bont, 187, Triple 8 & offer a wide variety in stoppers, plates, spare parts, wheels, bearings, Powerslide protective gear and apparel with lots of skates and inline blades suitable for children, including those which can grow with your child’s feet. massive range of coloured laces, socks and novelties.

Just recently at ampro skates Malaga we have improved the range of skateboard stocks, including novelty light up penny boards, longboards & double kick plus refined our choice of popular brands,

Sacrifice, Envy, Fasen, Ethic, Flavor, Globber, Bont, Riedell, 187, 888, S One, Trinity, Samurai, Protec, Fox, Sacrifice, Syndicate, Venice & District.

We also offer spare parts, blank boards, trucks.

ampro skates with extensive technical expertise, we can undertake both major and minor repairs from bearing, headset and bolt replacement, precision grip tape application, cleaning, respraying, cut downs, redrills.

Staff, at ampro skates, pride ourselves on our ability for custom builds.  If you have a dream, we can build it for you.  Come chat to our techs today and get your dream under your feet today.

To quote a well-known verse (I’ve paid my dues time after time, I’ve done my sentence But committed no crime and bad mistakes I’ve made a few, I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face, but I came through), (Queen 1977)

What we are saying is there is no better experience than long term knowledge.

ampro skates Malaga Western Australia


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