Maintenance & Service Charges



All labour charges a based on $40 per hour which is half the ACCC recommended rate!

Scooter grips fitting ———————————————————N/C

Scooter wheel bearings removed and installed———————$5.00 per wheel

Scooter grip tape cut and installed————————————–$10.00

Scooter bars cut down (cold cut)—————————————-$12.50

Scooter bars cut and keyed  for ICS, HIC or IHC (cold cut)——$15.00

Scooter headset service—————————————————$15.00

Seized in or damaged bolts removed———————————–$12.50

Scooter deck and bars repainted using automotive paint———$60

Roller skates: plate alignment and install——————————$40

Skateboard: grip tape install———————————————–$10

Roller Skate and skateboard wheel assembly————————N/C

All work proceeded with is supervised  by our mechanical technician of 40 years experience, so you can be rest assured of a professional standard and integrity.  

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