From the management of ampro skates.

All scooters, skates and skateboards have limited or even no warranty! especially scooters, when sold through online stores in boxes partially assembled which is understandable as when boxes are sealed in factories, there is no way of knowing if there is any manufacture faults or defects.

Due to the above limitations ampro skates have there own personal warranty and will fully cover any skates, scooters or skateboards purchased in store that is assembled or inspected by our pro team members, as in all fairness ampro skates will cover for any faults or damage that is not due to accidents. abuse or neglect. ampro skates is prepared to negotiate a fair and reasonable warranty claim outcome.

In the case of tricks or stunts breakage that may occur in all fairness  your warranty is void, as all manufacturers go all out to make components strong as possible to a budget price and no company or individual  will cover items unconditionally due to the unknown treatment or punishment that product may be given and any stunts or tricks is at the own risk of persons performing that stunt or tricks that ampro skates will not condone.

Furthermore, higher grade components are logically more durable, stronger and better built and which will take more punishment or stress than the low quality cheaper products, but this does not make them unbreakable.

Finally, ampro skates recommends it is best to always purchase your skate or scooter gear pre-assembled from a reputable in-store shop not from online stores, this way you should get full warranty cover.